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Viking layered steel sword

Xth century

Blade's length: 75.5 cm
Overall length: 90 cm
Weight: 1200 gr
POB: 14 cm from crossguard

Viking sword inspired by a Norwegian sword from the 10th or 11th century.

It was forged from 4 bars welded together, two central bars of a fully twisted layered iron/steel, each in one direction to give at the end a seasoned pattern + two steel bars for the cutting edges. The crossguard and the pommel are damascened with silver and copper wires in a linear pattern and twisted wires of the same metals decorate the pommel.

The blade did not undergo an acid attack as on the other laminated steel blade to reveal its structure, instead we handpolished until a fineness which allowed us to distinguish by light contrast the drawing of sword construction.

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