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Study and prices

      This is where it all starts, where your projects are built and come to life, allowing our forge to take out its most beautiful blades.
      Any project begins with a serious study, you will be asked what you expect from your sword and the elements that will distinguish it. We will be able to advise you thanks to a corpus of more than 500 referenced swords, from museums and private collections, as well as a solid knowledge of the behavior of blades.

You have a question? A quote request? A specific project in mind?

     So do not hesitate to fill out the form in the "contact" tab and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure you fill in your request so that we can meet your expectations as best as possible with details such as:

- sword type
- it utility
- possible engraving
- color of the leather
- possible sources

- desired measures



These tools will allow us to answer and guide you in the construction of your sword. Whichever you choose, each sword has hand-finished polishing, careful shipping and after-sales service.
A deposit of 30% of the total amount is required for each validation of the quote.


Luxury simulator: from 950 euros
Cutting sword: from 950 euros

Pattern-welded sword: from 1600 euros
Engravings, damascening and enamelling: price according to study

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