Our partners

- The French Federation of European Historical Martial Arts (FFAMHE) is an association created in 2011 which aims to develop, promote, and support European Historical Martial Arts (HEMA) in France.

- The Museum of the Hôtel Sandelin - Ville de Saint-Omer (62500), presenting a large collection of medieval weapons of all kinds (the largest in the north of Paris). This museum allowed us to study closely the swords of its windows and its basements, enriching our sources as well as our understanding of these weapons.

- Dominique Humbert, historical crafts
We work with this talented craftsman for the scabbards of our swords. Unique pieces, studied, neated and which beautifully complements a pretty blade.

Atelier Thibaud

Forgerons d'épées - Swordsmiths

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