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Who we are ?

Let us introduce ourselves in a few lines:


We are two blacksmiths in our workshop, Thibaud Pascual (on the right) and Thibaud Dunas (on the left) Founded in 2012, Thibaud Pascual's company has worked many years to improve the quality of its blades, before getting joined by the second Thibaud in 2018. Both trained ironworkers, we have succeded through hard work to make our passion our profession. Besides being colleagues and friends, we both practice HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) and mainly train with traditional german long sword from the XIV-XVth century. We also develop the same interest for archeology and recent research, metallurgy and its application in our profession as well as for the mixture of the two: archeo-metallurgy. This discipline helps us to understand by observation and experimentation how swords were made at a given time.

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