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Type XII inspired from

"Cawood's sword"

XIIth century

Blade's length: 82 cm
Overall length: 96.5 cm
Weight: 1240 gr

POB:  16.5 cm from crossguard


Here is a sword highly inspired by "the sword of Cawood", found in the same-named-village in England and kept in the Museum of York, it probably is from the 1100s.

It is considered a Viking sword because of its resemblance to Norwegian swords. This sword was made as part of the sharp and cutting sword HEMA practice. Its imposing blade and its balance at the front of the blade makes it a very effective cutting sword and a good partner for the sword / shield category. The pommel, in two parts, and the crossguard were made of old iron. The blade is forged as close as possible to the final measurements and shows some forging marks.

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