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Type Xa

XIIth century

Blade's length: 84 cm
Overall length: 99 cm
Weight: 1300 gr

POB:  15 cm from crossguard

This sword is the simulator reproduction of a sword present at the Sandelin museum in Saint Omer in France.

The source is from the 12th century and its shape is typical of this period, a wide blade with long fuller, a fairly fine straight crossguard and a pommel called "in Brazil nut". All the dimensions of the original were respected, until its distribution of material on the blade, which gives it the balance of the historic piece. This simulator has fine cutting edges to allow the practitioner to fencing as with a sharp blade, a responsibility to be as close as possible to historical conditions. Particularity of this sword, a relic was sealed in a silver box and installed inside the handle, under the leather. It is a type of fancy personalization that we can offer.

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