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Danish sword simulator

Type S

Second half of the tenth century

Blade length: 74.5 cm
Overall length: 89.2 cm
Weight: 1142 gr
POB: 15 cm

Simulator inspired by a Danish sword from the Denmark's National Museum in Copenhagen. Carrying the inventory number C16430 and dated to the second half of the 10th century, it can be seen in Ian Peirce's book "Swords of the Viking Age".

We forged the entire sword as close as possible to the measurements we had, by adding a few millimeters to the tip, visibly damaged on the historic source. The upper part of the pommel is hollowed out to correspond to the standards of scandinavian swords of this period.

Twists of copper and silver threads decorate the pommel and two silver threads have been damasked around the forged guard.

And finally a mark has been electrolytically etched into the fuller of the sword to recall the inlay of another geometric pattern on another sword similar to the Danish source. Historically its marks were forged and inlaid in the blade by forge welding. They were very frequent and they presented various geometric patterns, most often associated with more legible brands such as the famous Ulfberth, Ingelrii, Hiltipreht or others less known.

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