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Project XIV

blade's lenght: 77 & 73.5 cm
overall length: 93.5 & 89 cm
Weight: 1222 & 1170 gr
POB: 11.5 & 11 cm

We present to you two swords of type XIV and forged from steel obtained by reduction of iron ore.

The interest is above all to forge two swords from two existing simulators and to compare their uses (resistance, impact on fencing for example)
The goal here is to study the behavior of a sword made from a steel other than those we have with modern steelmaking. The steel used for your swords
and simulators are in a foreseeable alloy, we can predict its transformations as a function of time and temperature thanks to physics and chemistry.
The steels before the industrial revolution are different, they require more "empirical" work and a sword is not identical to another from the point of view of as many variables as its alloy, its hot work, its thermal treatments and so on ...
Thanks to numerous publications on the subject of swords and metallurgy, we were able to get out of trends and averages to forge a blade of the end of the Middle Ages as close as possible to the results of studies.
It is therefore from ore harvested not far from the workshop that we produced and forged our steel, we were surprised by the amount of needed ore to forge two swords,
making the task a little bit harder than expected.

The work of the blades was very delicate, we rediscover its trade by forging a completely heterogeneous steel. Even if you make your steel as homogeneous as possible, working on the length and sharpness of a sword blade puts you in front of your skills.
It was a very rewarding job and moreover here is a link to an article by "my armory" which deals with the surface of sword blade steels,
For further documentation see Alan Williams' publications.

Regarding our two type XIV, some information, guards and blades were forged in steel of our composition, the blade was hardened and the polishing pushed so that we can better see the structure of this "harvested" steel. They are softer and stiffer than your simulators but offer good hold.

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