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One-handed sword

inspired by "Joyeuse"

Between type XII and XIII


Blade length: 82cm

Ceremonial sword very inspired by the "Joyeuse" sword kept in Louvre museum, Paris.
Except for its pommel, this sword respects the measurements, the shape of the blade and the details of the guard of the original. It is a sword with richs symbols through its customizations.
The blade was finely forged in old steel, so it takes on an "old" appearance because the metal used is full of streaks and small weld defaults.
The pommel and the guard are made of brass, they were casted directly at the workshop.
The two fullers of the blade are engraved with hammer and chisel, the pommel is set with two engraved medallions, hollowed out and cold enamelled and the eyes of the two zoomorphs of the guard are set with small rubies.

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