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Old steel sword for knight

End of the  XIIth century

Blade's length: 85 cm
Overall length: 100.8 cm
Weight: 1520 gr
POB: 16.5 cm from crossguard

Here is a rather special sword, it has impressive proportions and is intended more for a rider (knight). It took a lot of research to get something consistent both in design and in its engraving.


The steel used is from the beginning of the 18th century, therefore with industrial era. The original bars are composed of several steels welded together by fire, this gives us once the blade forged, hardened and polished some interesting drawings on its surface either of welding or of forging defect. All this gives an "authentic" character to the sword because we find the same traces on medieval swords in good condition.

Engraving and damascening are done entirely with a chisel. The owner of the sword has done a lot of research to find the typography that corresponds to the century and the region requested (late 12th, Carcassonne Toulouse - France). This made it possible to have the most historic engraving and damascening possible on this blade. We can observe a peculiarity in the lettering. In the INOMINEDOMININOS (TR) IHES (In the name of our lord, Jesus) the T and the R form only one letter. The two crosses are damascened in brass.


On the other side we have ISPTSCSCD (Obviously meaning "In the Holy Spirit") with two damascene birds in brass. The right part guard and the pommel are in the same steel as the blade. The hallmark is in the silk to keep a maximum of historicity.

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