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One hand sword

type XVIII

XVth century


Blade's length: 75 cm
Overall length: 92.5 cm
Weight: 1300  gr
POB: 11 cm for crossguard

It is a sword from the very end of the 15th century and intended for reconstruction. It is largely inspired by a sword from the collection of the Philadelphia museum (see photo), only the crossguard was borrowed from another sword of the same period.

The blade has been forged with concave sections, which allows to keep an excellent rigidity in the handling and impact of the tip. It is a kind of blade that we find more as we get closer to the Renaissance, probably to improve the efficiency of the thrust! The arched guard and its two solid cores at the end of the quillons have been forged and the pommel with concave sides is reminiscent of the blade naturally.

The pommel has also been embellished with a rosette doing one with its particular shape and the two parts are separated by a thin sheet of copper. Also about the pommel, on one of the photos briefly appears the engraving of the personalized phrase of its owner, made with chisel and hammer.

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