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Type XIV

XIVth century

Blade's length: 75 cm
Overall length: 90.7 cm
Weight : 1283 gr
POB: 11 cm from crossguard

Here is a powerful and elegant one-handed type XIV sword.

There are many different blade lengths for this type of sword in museums and it fits into the "long" blades (the average we found being around 71cm).

There's something going on when you pick up that kind of sword, whether it's that sword or those museum ancestors. The blade does not bend too much, and by pairing this setting with a short blade and a strong heel, it really feels like you can do anything with that kind of sword in your hand, comfortable in it  all fencing and cutting exercises.

When you can, it's a sword to have in your collection!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it. The personalized engravings on the blade and the pommel are made here in electrolysis, an electrochemical process that removes material by applying a saline solution stimulated by an electric current to the desired locations.

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