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Family's legacy sword

blade length: 80 cm

overall length : 95 cm

Here is an extraordinary sword, a very personalized family sword, made to last.

Originally from Hungary, our client wanted a sword reminiscent of central Europe.

So we took what was best to make an original composition

- The blade comes from the sword attributed to Sigismund, King of Hungary, translated as a one-handed sword

- The hilt and the clevis are inspired by the sword attributed to Frederick 1st of Saxony

- The brass pommel comes from the sword of Charles IV of the Holy Empire

- and the decoration of the hilt is inspired by the sword of Sancho IV of Castile ​


The blade is made of homogeneous steel and engraved with the family name and the date of manufacture. The clevis is made of steel, decorated with brazed brass, the cast brass pommel is engraved with the client's coat of arms. The grip is set with amethyst and Baltic amber cabochons, the settings of each stone are made of brass, in the workshop and to order.

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