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Carolingian sword

IX-Xth century

blade length : 74 cm
overall length : 89 cm
weight : 1090 gr

POB :  15.5 from cross

Reproduction of a Carolingian sword from the Dobrée museum in Nantes.

It is an exceptional piece due to its incredible the pommel and the guard damascening, there are several thousand pieces of silver and copper wires which are crimped in tiny grooves and which are methodically arranged to create its recognizable pattern.

The Dobrée museum allowed us to go and study this sword directly on site in order to be as close as possible to reality in our interpretation, this allowed us to see the assemblies, the patterns, the regularity and of course take the exact measurements of the original. ​

The blade here is of homogeneous steel with electrolysis engraving of the museum piece's inlay, sheets of brass cover the undamascened sides of the guard and the pommel and a twist of copper and silver wires marks the separation between the two parts of the pommel. ​ Some photos of the work on the damascene are available following the studio photos.

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