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 Type XVIIIa

Early XVIth century

Total length: 93.5 cm

Sharp swords type XVIIIa.


Forged from a private collection's source, these swords are for the reconstitution of a French weapon company from the early 16th century.

The diamond section blade and a well pronounced middle ridge once again gives the sword excellent grip in thrusting work. It is a style of sword which denotes with what we usually forge, swords from the end of the 15th century getting styles of crossguard and pommel quite different from what we see on belated pieces. If you take a look at the guard, its particular shape shows the care taken to the workforge but especially the workfile. The historical piece can make us think that more than one specialized trade was involved in the manufacture of a weapon because each element of a Renaissance sword taken apart is quite complex.

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