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Type XII

XIIth century

Blade length: 80 cm
Overall length: 95.5 cm
Weight: 1195 gr

POB: 14.5 cm from crossguard

Here is a sharp sword classified in type XII according to the typology of E. Oakeshott.

This command carried out within the framework of the practice of the sword/buckler according to the MSI.33 manuscript is the cutting edge equivalent of the HEMA simulator of the owner.

It is a fairly "classic" sword and we will just retain the shape of the blade and its more massive weakness than the others, just see its POB greater than other swords of the same characteristics (POB approximately at 12cm).

The discoid pommel has been surmounted by a small square rosette damascened with copper for aesthetics. It is a self-sufficient sword, reliability, strong bindings, fast rotations... it is an excellent practice tool and its control must give good bindings to the cutting edge.

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