"Castillon" Type simulator

inspired from type XV.7

XVth century

Blade's length: 76 cm
Overall length: 93 cm
Weight: 1360 gr

POB:  7.5 cm from crossguard


This Castillon type sword is inspired by the famous type XV.7 from E.Oakeshott's Records of medieval Sword. Like the large majority of this kind of blade, typical from the french 15th century , its purpose is mainly thrusting, which requires good blade handling and therefore good thickness of the central edge. In short, the diamond section of this blade molds a proper "skeleton" for support. The guard and the pommel were forged and the recesses on both sides of the pommel were worked to have this deep black rawer patina. A crossguard was scooped and damascened with brass at the location of the original cross on the source, this adds a little curiosity in the middle of the handmade finishing polishing of the blade. You will find the original sword on the website of the Wallace Collection in London where it is exposed, many photos go with its presentation!