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Customed simulator


Blade's length 80 cm
Overall length: 95 cm
Weight: 1142 gr
POB: 12.5 cm from crossguard

Inspired by the drawing of its owner, this sword differs from the simulators that we usually produce. Halfway between a type XII and XVI, it reminds that beyond the Oakeshott typology that we use, there is an incredible number of swords not fitting in any box ... These little details that make us say that a sword is "special" that it is the size of the grip, the proportion of the blade or even the apparent weight of a pommel ... these elements bring questions about the why and how and we can get lost in questions like: and if these ratings were justified by fencing, and if this blade was suitable for a certain person or is it not simply the craftsmen who were wrong in the measurements. By the way, this sword looks alike the type XVI.1  of "records of medieval swords".

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