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Two hands german sword

XVth century

Type XVa

Blade's length: 95cm
Overall length: 120cm
Weight: 1484gr
POB: 13.5cm from crossguard

Here is a new sword inspired by a private collection source. Its diamond section and its very acute profile would classify it in type XVa of the Oakeshott classification.


Apart from a complex guard and a pommel, it is the grip and its size that remain the most interesting. We can observe that the shape of this handle facilitates the grip both with one or two hands, the central ring replacing the pommel for a good support, this coming to wedge against the thumb muscle. All this makes this sword a multipurpose weapon and very interesting to handle. We were highly surprised by the point of balance located at almost 14cm, we tried to make it return towards the back of the blade but impossible without modifying the blade section too much and therefore its mechanics. The pommel and the crossguard were forged in old iron, the blade is in homogeneous steel and has two damask crosses in copper as on the original.

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